Michael Murphy


Hi everyone,

Welcome to WIT and congratulations on getting here. For those of you who are returning students – welcome back! My name is Michael Murphy and I am your Students’ Union President for this academic year 2017/2018.  This year, as your President, I want to continue on the great work done last year and get the best college experience for all of you.

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Celine Casey

VP for Welfare


Hey everyone,

My name is Celine Casey and I have been elected as your Welfare Officer in the Student’s Union for the coming year 2017/2018. I am 21 years old and I am from Waterford. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and I want to be a friendly face for you for the coming year. If you are an incoming first year or an international student studying at WIT for the first time I would firstly like to welcome you and wish you all the best. For all the returning students I would like to welcome you back and I hope you are all looking forward to the year ahead as much as I am.  I hope to make your time here in WIT the best it could possibly be.

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Marie Sheedy

VP for Education



Hello everyone

I’m delighted to say that I am back again for another year as your WIT Students’ Union  Education Officer. I re-ran for this position in March of this year, because I truly feel that I have much more to give to the role having already had one year’s experience. I thoroughly enjoy this job and am grateful for the opportunity to remain a sabbatical officer as part of WITSU, and your Education Officer for 2017/18. I’m excited for the year ahead with a team full of fantastic people.

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Mikey Ennis

Entertainment Officer

Hi everyone,

My name is Mikey Ennis and I am your Entertainments Officer this year. First of all, I want to give a big welcome to all students, new and old, to WIT. I hope everyone had a great Summer and is ready for an even better nine months in college. It’s definitely going to be a big year in terms of events and activities so I hope ye are all ready! As your Entertainments Officer I want to make this year the biggest and best year that WIT has yet seen, but this is definitely only possible with your help! I want you to feel free to come and talk to me about some event or activity you would like to bring/see go on around the college, this way I can make sure students get what they want and that everybody enjoys the year ahead! Also, I will always be there to help organise class parties, mystery tours, day trips etc.. if my help is needed, no problem at all, give me a shout, it’s my job!

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Cathal Cocoman

Communications Officer



My name is Cathal Cocoman and I am your Communications Officer for the upcoming academic year 2017/2018. Welcome back to all returning students and congratulations to all the new incoming students. Students are the most important part of WIT and whatever you want the team and I will be here to make sure you have the best experienced you can possibly have. College is full of crazy experiences and is really what you make it.  I would encourage everyone to get involved in as much as you can, be it a club or society, becoming a Class Rep or joining the Welfare, Ents crew or the Comms Team. There is something to suit everyone. Read more

Steve Daly

Mature Student Officer

Hi ,

My role as ‘Mature student officer’ is to be available for queries and issues that the mature students have and to help direct queries that may not be in my remit but that I can help send in the right direction. To the newbies, I’ll tell them not to be afraid to ask anything no matter how silly, the lecturers require your ask anything to keep them on their toes and because the younger ones won’t want to lose face by seeming uncool whereas you with your socks and sandals have already gone well past looking cool. To the returning matures I’ll say something about saying hi to the fellow matures and help making them feel part of something , they need to remember their first semester when they couldn’t tell staff from student, (the lecturers aren’t carrying anything).

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