Marie Sheedy



Hi everyone

It’s lovely to say hello to you all as WITSU President. Welcome back to all students. I really hope that you enjoy your time here and come out of it as a positively changed and developed person. College can be demanding and challenging but it also has the potential to change your life for the better.

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Darren Malone

VP for Welfare

Hey everyone,

My name is Darren Malone and I am your Welfare Officer in the Students’ Union for the
coming academic year. If you are a fresher or an international student, welcome to Waterford
Institute of Technology. I can assure that you will have an amazing and enjoyable experience
throughout your time in WIT. If you are a returning student, welcome back and
congratulations on passing your exams. I hope you are all looking forward to the year ahead
as much as I am.

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John Fortune

VP for Education


So as you can tell, my name is John Fortune and I am thrilled to say that I have been elected
to represent you as your Education Officer for this year! I am so excited to bring something
new to this role and add my extra bit of razzle dazzle!

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Aidan Tattan

Entertainment Officer


Hey Everyone

My name is Aidan Tattan and I am your Entertainments officer for this year.

I would just like to welcome all the new students to WIT and wish you the best with your course over the next few years.  For our returning students, well done on passing your exams and I hope you’re ready for another year of events. My number one priority this year is to ensure everyone has a time that they will remember. That means new ideas and suggestions will be appreciated so if you see me around stop me and let me know what you want to do.

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Laura Norbury

Communications Officer

Hi guys!

My name is Laura Norbury and I am your Communications Officer for 2018/2019! I would like to welcome all students new and old to WIT as you live the best years of your life.

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Steve Daly

Mature Student Officer

Hi all,
Firstly I’d like to wish all the returning mature students a ‘welcome back’, I hope you’ve enjoyed your
summer hols. I’d also like to make a small request of you, please engage with the new mature
students on campus, you will remember your first semester and a little helpful advice or even saying
‘Hi’ can go a long way.

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Michael Murphy

International Officer

Hi everyone,
My name is Michael Murphy and I am this years International Officer. I am a final year Social Science student and a former WITSU Welfare Officer and President. Coming to a new college can be very difficult and coming to a new country must be even more challenging however WITSU is here to support you in this new exciting experience.

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