Study Tips

Get everything you need in one place.

When heading to your preferred study spot, come prepared. Bring all the paperwork and books you need for your studying to that spot. Also bring a bottle of water, a snack, pens, your laptop, and whatever else you need to get your work done. You'll stay focused and have everything at your fingertips.

Don't skip sleep for cram sessions.

No matter what led you to a late night cram session the night before the final, don't stay up all night. Take small naps or call it a night and go to bed for a few hours before the test. Some students will stay up all night and study until the hour of the test. You risk falling asleep at the test and your memory will be unclear. Studying on no sleep means you risk not being able to absorb all the information and facts you are memorizing and taking a test on no sleep means there is a risk you'll forget key information or struggle to recall what you studied.

Make study aids.

Some people prefer to study right out of the book or their notes. For other students this can be boring and ineffective. Popular study aids include making flash cards, preparing PowerPoint slides with key facts and info on them to look over, rewriting notes and key terms, and working with friends to quiz each other on material. You can also outline the material or create bullet point study guides.

Don't party too hard.

College is a time to explore and a time to have fun as much as it is a time to learn and focus on one's studies. The problem is that some students simply party too much and leave little or no time for their studies.

If you have an assignment due at 8am tomorrow, maybe going to that party until 4am isn't the best idea. Work on schoolwork prior to going out or make sure you have time to complete the studying or work before the test or due date. Many students every year fail to find a balance and end up failing out or getting thrown out. Remember, if you love the college lifestyle you need to pass your classes or both your education and the great lifestyle are lost when you fail out.

Call another student in your class when you have difficulty with an assignment.

This is a case where "two heads may be better than one." If you can't figure out a question in an assignment or a past exam paper then ask one of your class mates. It's more than likely someone will understand what the question is asking for or where in the book or notes you can find the section. Remember to never copy another student or to let a student copy you. WIT takes copying as a very serious offence.

Have fun.

Yes, I know I mentioned the importance of not getting distracted and not partying all the time as studying is a main part of getting a college education. But your college years are some of the best years of your life. If at all possible, live at your college and take full part in the life of living at college


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