WIT Students' Union Elections 2012

Well done to all candidates and thank you to all students who took part and voted! Here are the results.

WITSU Entertainments Officer 2012/2013
Total poll: 1899
Spoiled Votes: 38
Craig Ennis: 1686
NO: 175
Craig Ennis Deemed Elected!

WITSU Communications Officer 2012/2013
Total poll: 1903
Spoiled Votes: 59
David Ffrench: 1054
Jay Loughlin: 790
David Ffrench Deemed Elected!

WITSU Education Officer 2012/2013
Total poll:1907
Spoiled Votes: 30
Alan McDonald: 470
Stephen O Rourke: 1407
Stephen O Rourke Deemed Elected!

WITSU Deputy President for Welfare 2012/2013
Total poll: 1819
Spoiled Votes: 41
Nicole Chaney: 541
Cassandra Kelly: 954
Craig o Dwyer: 324
Cassandra Kelly Deemed Elected!

WITSU President 2012/2013
Total poll: 1893
Spoiled Votes: 21
Brian Staunton: 1493
Gillian Walsh: 379
Brian Staunton Deemed Elected!


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