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  •  Economics (9th Edition) by Michael Parkin, Melaine Powell and Kent Matthews
  • Condition: Good
    Price: €20

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1) Economics European Edition Paul Krugman, Robin Wells, Kathryn Grady

2) Business Accounting 1 Ninth Edition, Frank Wood & Alan Sangster

3) Business Mathematics and Statistics Sixth Edition, Andre Francis

4) Communication For Business Fourth Edition, Henry McClave

Extra Info: €15 per book or buy all for €50

BA (Hons) in Teaching in Further & Adult Education

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  • How We Think (New Edition) – John Dewey – €10
  • Situated Learning: Legitimate Peripheral Participation – Jean Lave & Etienne Wegner – €15
  • Learning as Transformation: Critical Perspectives on a Theory in Progress – Jack Mezirow & Associates – €20
  • Testing: Friend or Foe?: Theory and Practice of Assessment and Testing – Paul Black – €20
  • Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century – Howard Gardner – €10
  • The Curriculum: Theory and Practice (6th edition) – A.V. Kelly – €15
  • Teaching and Training in Post-Compulsory Education – Andy Armitage, Robin Bryant, Richard Dunnill, Mandy Renwick, Dennis Hayes, Alan Hudson, Janice Kent, Shirley Lawes – €25
  • Teaching Adults (3rd edition) – Alan Rogers – €5
  • Working More Creatively With Groups (2nd edition) – Jarlath Benson – €20
  • Identity and Difference (Culture, Media and Identities Series) – Kathryn Woodward – €20

Extra Info: All of these books were purchased new and are in perfect condition. Most of them were on the compulsory reading list and the rest were on the recommended reading list. There is no highlighting or writing on any of them and they are from a smoke free home.

Arts - English & Theatre Studies

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  • Norton Anthology of Drama, the shorter edition.

Authors are J.Ellen Gainor, Stanton B.Garner Jr. and Martin Puchner. It’s for the arts course the subjects I used it for are English and theatre studies it’s very useful. I have used it over the three years It does have writing on it but generally in good condition. Bought for €60, will sell for €30.

  • Norton Anthology of Poetry, fifth edition.

Authors are Margaret Ferguson, Mary Jo Salter, and Jon Stallworthy. It’s also very useful has all poetry required for the English degree in Wit. This also has notes written on it but in good condition. Bought for €60, will see for €30.

Auditing 1, a third year subject of Business Honors

If you are interested, please contact Bego Garcia via:

  •  Paperback | 848 pages
  •  189 x 246 x 33mm | 1,405g
  •  30 Aug 2016
  •  Chartered Accountants Ireland
  •  Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland

Extra Info: External Auditing and Assurance : An Irish Textbook


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Irish Company Law by Grainne Callanan- €25
Equity and trusts nutshells book-€10
Evidence nutshells book-€10
Irish company law- make that grade 5th edn- €12
Contract Law nutshells book- €10
Understanding Jurisprudence 4th edn by Raymond Wacks.- €15

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Business mathematics and statistics

7th ed – ISBN 9781408083154 – by Francis etc

This book is second-hand meaning that I bought it but never used it. I sell it for 50 EUR rather than the original price of 73 EUR. Delivery either by person or by shipment, free in any case if the destination is within EU.

If you are interested, please contact Caroline moriarty via:

Business Mathematics and Statistics , seventh edition by Andre Francis and Ben Mousley for €30

Business & Accounting

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Economics – European edition by Paul Krugman Robin Wells and Kathryn Graddy €20

Finance theory and practice 3rd edition by Anne Marie Ward €40
Management and cost Accounting by Colon Drury 8th edition €40