Michael Murphy

Hi everyone,

Welcome to WIT and congratulations on getting here. For those of you who are returning students – welcome back! My name is Michael Murphy and I am your Students’ Union President for this academic year 2017/2018.  This year, as your President, I want to continue on the great work done last year and get the best college experience for all of you.

My role as President involves the overall running of the Union and to ensure that the SU represents all students in the college. I will be co-ordinating the activities of the Students’ Union and working to achieve the best academic environment and quality of life for WIT students. I am also responsible for the finances and act as chief spokesperson for the Union.

What is a Students’ Union?

The Students’ Union is made up of students, elected by students, to represent students. It is our priority to support and assist you in any way we can. Our team this year consists of 3 full time officers and 3 part time officers. Marie (Education Officer) Celine (Welfare Officer) and I are all full time in the Union. Mikey (Entertainments Officer), Cathal (Communication Officer) and Steve (Mature Student Officer) are part-time officers as they continue their studies during the year. You can read more about their roles in the following pages.

The Students’ Union is vital to the development and protection of student interests. It exists to represent you, the students, on issues and give students a voice in the way your educational institution is run.  It is our priority that you get the most from your time at WIT, whether it is academically, socially or personally. College is an incredible experience, but it’s also a journey, and it won’t always be a smooth ride for everyone. Remember, we are never more than a phone call, email or text away or you can also pop into either of our offices located on the Cork Road and College Street campus to discuss any issues you may be having.

College Life

Remember the Students’ Union works for you but most importantly you are the Union so get involved and change things up and make a difference.  Some of my best memories are helping out on the Entertainments Crew during Raise & Give Week, being involved in societies and making friends with other Class Reps. The people you meet at these events will be the friends you make for life. Make the most of your time here! At the same time don’t forget to attend classes and to participate fully – after all you are here for your education and we will protect that right and support you in receiving the best possible education all the way.

I am making you a promise

If students are being put at a disadvantage for any reason in this Institute or if your education is ever under threat in any regard your Union will act, the team will act and I will act relentlessly to protect your best interests but to do this we need your help! As 6 members of a Union team alone we are reasonably effective but as a team of 8 thousand students fighting for a quality education we are most certainly the strongest stakeholder in the Institute.

I wish you all the best with the year ahead and I’m looking forward to meeting you all. If I can be of any assistance please don’t hesitate in contacting me.

Michael Murphy