Marie Sheedy


Hi everyone

It’s lovely to say hello to you all as WITSU President. Welcome back to all students. I really hope that you enjoy your time here and come out of it as a positively changed and developed person. College can be demanding and challenging but it also has the potential to change your life for the better.

My role as President is like the team leader of an organisation or chief executive officer. I am the primary spokesperson for WITSU. Some of my responsibilities include: Representation, finance, organisation of the full team and executive, supervision and guidance of policy, chief interpreter of the WITSU constitution, and chairperson on a number of WITSU bodies.

The other full time sabbatical officers are Education (John Fortune) and Welfare (Darren Malone). Part time officers include Entertainment (Aidan Tattan), Communication (Laura Norbury), Mature Student (Steve Daly), International Student (Michael Murphy), Postgraduate and we also have five part time school convenor roles. Please reach out to someone if you need to talk, need advice or want some guidance regarding any aspect of college life. Part time officers are still full time students whereas sabbatical officers are full time paid officers of WITSU who receive extensive training in comparison to the part time roles.

WITSU is your Union. It is a democratic organisation whereby we run by the will of the students. Our mission is to represent our members, promote, defend and vindicate the rights of our members at all levels of society. Every motion, every policy that we develop and engage with, pass through our Class Rep Council for discussion, debate and development. Any student can run for Class Rep so if you are interested in engaging with WITSU I would really recommend becoming one, or by joining the many crews of WITSU this year also. Your Union exists to represent you on all student related issues, both academic and non-academic. As officers, we will always do our best to resolve any issue for you or refer you to the correct people who can support you. The WITSU Social is the home of WITSU. We have play stations and a general chill out area for upwards of 50 people if you want to come and relax. We use this space to run many events, campaigns, promote wellness and much more. It is a space for every single student to feel comfortable in.

WITSU includes all students in WIT. As a team of 13 we are very effective, however, as a team of 10,000 we are completely powerful and by far the strongest stakeholder in the Institute. The Union will always do its best to act in your best interests

I look forward to the year ahead and meeting with as many of you as possible. Don’t be afraid to get in touch. See you soon.

Marie Sheedy