Cathal Cocoman



My name is Cathal Cocoman and I am your Communications Officer for the upcoming academic year 2017/2018. Welcome back to all returning students and congratulations to all the new incoming students. Students are the most important part of WIT and whatever you want the team and I will be here to make sure you have the best experienced you can possibly have. College is full of crazy experiences and is really what you make it.  I would encourage everyone to get involved in as much as you can, be it a club or society, becoming a Class Rep or joining the Welfare, Ents crew or the Comms Team. There is something to suit everyone.

My job as Communications Officer is to ensure that all students are aware of what is going on around all of the campuses, what the Students’ Union are doing! Any information that the Union needs circulated I will make sure it reaches all students. Throughout the year, there will be consistent updates for students on campaigns and events, both online and on campus so make sure to keep an eye out for them. Make sure to also follow all our social media pages too for events and updates.

My job also includes being the main editor of the WIT Newsletter which this year will be moving online. I am looking for anyone that is interested in writing pieces to be featured in the news page, I would be delighted if you would contact myself during the year. Part of my role is to also help Class Reps with the ordering of course hoodies/jackets and we have secured several links with different companies that provide these at very reasonable prices. If you need any help with the ordering of class hoodies please don’t hesitate to ask.

This year we are looking at having more people than ever involved in the Student’s Union. I will be looking for constant feedback to improve the student life here in WIT. The Students’ Union can only help and represent you when we know the issues that matter to you. If you ever need any help or advice, please feel free to contact myself or any other officer as there will always be someone there to help. Good luck with the year ahead and with your studies. I look forward to meeting you during the year.

Cathal Cocoman